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Adventure Conversations with Bob. 

“I really enjoyed working through the Bigger Game process!"

"I found the Bigger Game model to be an excellent tool for getting clarity on my personal future. The model helped me clarify what is next for me, what I really care about, and most important: the steps I need to take to get there."

"The Bigger Game requests that I stretch way beyond what I generally think is possible for me. Of course, that also makes sure that I become someone bigger during that stretch. So I have learned that the real Bigger Game is not about the big project I create, but "who I become" in reaching for and accomplishing that bigger dream. Thanks for that!"

“Bob has so much experience! I loved spending the entire day picking his brain and having him all to myself!"

"It was just FANTASTIC. I feel I have stepped up. ….I experienced being Thank you Bob for encouraging me. I never would have done anything like this and would have missed a peak experience.”

“Bob, your passion and protection for the profession was clearly delivered through your wisdom, skill and depth of experience. .  I can personally attest that the impact of your teaching has already begun to cascade and make the world a better place in many circles. For me, the experience has been life altering and came just at the right time."

“This was a life-changing event for me. Bob knows what he’s doing and is passionate about his work. Thank you! Great pace; information never rushed. Great job! You have changed my life. Your knowledge in this area was well received. Thank you again!”

"Thank you for sharing yourself with me so freely. I look forward to moving from success to significance and sharing our stories in the future."

“I was delighted to meet you.  You are very inspirational in every way.  Your 2 day program was enlightening and very well lead, your presence was kind, caring and left me enlivened.  So enlivened that I would love to learn more about coaching...  The more I think about it, the more what you have picked on in me, is showing up...  I was blind to it.  Now that I saw it, it's showing up everywhere :-)."

“Bob, thank you so much for bringing me into the Bigger Game Intensive.  It is hard to put into words how meaningful I found the entire process. You are truly a very special person Bob and I am glad you touched my life again with another special gift.”