Bob Johnson

Bob has been a leadership and executive coach since 1983. His coaching adventure started by moving his young family from the Eastern US to the Yukon Territory in Northern Canada. There, Bob coached front line and senior leaders and helped them develop their leadership skills. After 30 years Bob continues coaching executives as well as personal clients through conversations that move through what is defined as ‘from success to significance.’ Considered one of the leaders of the coaching profession, Bob has coached over 1000 leaders and challenged them to push their limits.

Bob has always been adventuresome. Starting at 14, he solo-backpacked significant portions of the Appalachian Trail, fueling a love of the wilderness that led up to a 28 day Outward Bound experience in North Carolina at 16. As a high school senior Bob helped initiate a successful outdoor adventure program at his high school.

Upon completion of his university education Bob continued his outdoor adventure enthusiasm as a YMCA professional facilitating numerous Outward Bound style programs for teenagers. Bob is well known for saying, “I used to work with teenage delinquents, now I work with adult delinquents.”

Bob’s ability to challenge teenagers using the outdoor environment to take people out of their comfort zones, taught many young people to trust themselves, trust others, boost self-esteem and challenge them to play a bigger game.

This background provided unique training that set Bob up to challenge leaders and executives to step up to a bigger game as leaders. A very successful 30-year track record has placed Bob in a premier category of coaching. Executives, in speaking with colleagues whom they have referred to Bob have said, “Prepare to have your limits challenged and find your life forever changed.”

Throughout his coaching career Bob has maintained a love for adventure and continues to travel worldwide delivering leadership workshops to numerous organizations while maintaining his one-on-one coaching practice. Through his travels, Bob still feeds the adventure bug by extending stays beyond the workshop dates and enjoying various forms of adventure travel.

Bob’s love of sharing adventure experiences with others, coupled with his dynamic coaching abilities, has brought both together in Adventure Conversations.