I travel frequently all over the world.
These trips include me teaching one to four day leadership workshops. I use this opportunity to not only impact leaders throughout the world but to also use the travel opportunity to feed my need for adventure.



When I share stories of the adventures I have had and the new ones coming up, I often hear someone say something like, "Do you need someone to carry your bags or be your assistant?" Or, "I have always wanted to go there and see other parts of the world." I realize how much this adventure travel feeds my desire to see the world and connect with people from all walks of life. Coupled with this travel bug I have also personally and professionally made a life of being in deep, significant conversations with others. Many times I have been told, "I have never had this deep and personal conversation with anyone in my life." This is not only what I do; it is well, who I am.  

Adventure Conversations marries these two passionate components of my life. Imagine the travel and or adventure you have longed to undertake. Now you can while having a coach as the perfect travel companion. Imagine having the conversations you have always hoped to have taking place in locations you have always wanted to see. Your adventure will be custom designed to fit your specific travel desires and the conversations will come from your specific agenda.

Travel as you have always dreamed, while being coached through the biggest conversations of your life. A perfect way toward the path of significance.

The custom design of your Adventure Conversations starts with you answering 5 key questions:

1.     Where do you want to go?

2.     What adventure do you want to engage in?

3.     What do you want to come away with?

4.     What conversations do you want to have?

5.     What do you only want to talk with Bob about?

Contact us today to design and partner with you on the Adventure Conversation of your life.